Customer Engagement

Cholderton formed a customer challenge group (CCG) to allow water consumers to have input into the company's 'Business Plan', which preceded the 2014 price review.

The CCG has been reconstituted as the Customer Challenge and Advisory Group with a remit to play an important role in the company’s direct customer engagement, discussing and challenging how the company performs in meeting the outcomes and performance commitments set out in Ofwat's Final Determination. In 2019 the CCAG will be representing consumers as the company puts together its business plan for the following 5 years. As before, the CCAG will report independently to Ofwat on the effectiveness of the engagement process and the extent to which consumer views have influenced the final plan.

Click here for the CCAG Terms of Reference.

Click on the links below to see the minutes of the CCG meetings.

1st Meeting  -  2nd Meeting   - 3rd Meeting