The Cholderton and District Water Company was established by Act of Parliament in 1904 and was incorporated as a private limited company 35 years later.It now operates as a Private Supply.

When Henry Charles Stephens MP purchased the estate which included the two villages of Shipton Bellinger and Cholderton the former had a rudimentary mains water system in place, with water being moved by a wind pump from a well on the outskirts of the village to a small reservoir on a nearby hill. Cholderton and its outlying houses, however, relied entirely on domestic wells with hand pumps.

Henry Stephens, who had a particular interest in the supply of fresh water, was determined to improve the system and promoted his Water Act through Parliament. This gave the company powers to lay mains, construct reservoirs, and the right to supply and sell water in the Parishes of Cholderton in Wiltshire and Shipton Bellinger, Thruxton, Amport and Quarley in Hampshire. A schedule to the Act listed the works to be undertaken and such was the quality when these were completed that some are still in use.

The Water Company today has two boreholes, three active covered reservoirs and a distribution network of approximately 50 kilometres of water supply pipe. The system is maintained by the company’s own staff.

A weekly testing regime for water quality at the Cholderton District Water Company is carried out by the laboratories at Wessex Water. Water quality is governed the Private Water Supplies Regulations monitored by the Local Authority. The company achieves very high levels of water purity combined with excellent taste and perfect clarity. The water is very alkaline containing high levels of dissolved carbonates.