Demand for water caused by the very hot weather over the past 2 weeks has put a strain on our distribution network. Such was the demand over the weekend 30th June/1st July that our pumps were barely able to keep up with daytime usage. Although we have managed to maintain an adequate water supply to all consumers, we may be forced to implement measures to restrict the use of water

Although we have the powers to restrict the use of water, including a hosepipe ban and a ban on filling swimming pools as well as powers to restrict water use by commercial customers, we want to avoid having to use them. If all consumers make a genuine effort to use water responsibly these restrictions will not be necessary.

We have posted notices in public places giving guidance on everyday ways in which water can be saved. All customers will receive a similar notice through the post in the next few days. Please act on the recommendations. By using responsibly you will avoid inconvenience to yourselves and others.

In the meantime, if you see a leak or even suspect that there is one, please contact us straight away.

Click here to see and download the notice.