Water Resources Management Plan 2013

The Company’s Water Resources Management Plan 2014 has been approved for publication by Defra. The plan shows that the company has sufficient water resources to meet consumer demand over the next 25 years. Most importantly, the plan describes of how the company will protect the water supply from the rising levels of nitrates.

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Copies of the revised plan are available on request from the Estate Office. Click the ‘Contact‘ tab for the postal and email addresses and telephone number.

Drought Plan

We aim to provide a high quality, sustainable water supply that gives our customers good service and protects and improve the environment.

It is our aim to continue to provide a reliable water supply during drought conditions while at the same time meeting our commitments to the environment.

The company’s Drought Plan 2012 has been approved by the Secretary of State for publication. Click here to view or download a copy of the Plan.

A Copy of the Drought Plan may also be viewed at the Estate Office during working hours Monday to Friday. Please telephone 01980 629 203 to make an appointment.

Water Resources Management Plan 2009

The company’s final Water Resources Management Plan 2009 has been approved for publication and is now available.

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The Plan and accompanying tables explain how the company proposes to maintain a reliable, adequate and wholesome water supply for the next 25 years. Of particular interest is the Annex which discusses the threat posed by nitrate pollution and the options which are under consideration to meet this challenge.

Final Business Plan 2010-2015

The company submitted its Final Business Plan to OFWAT in April 2009. It detailed the company’s plans to safeguard supplies to consumers, how much it was proposing to spend in the process and the effect the plan would have on water bills over the next 5 years.

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Having considered the Final Business Plan OFWAT published their Final Determination on 25 Nov 2009.

Cholderton’s household consumers can expect their water charges to remain largely unchanged in the period 2010 – 2015 prior to any adjustments for inflation. During the same period the company will be investing £135,360 in improvements to the network.

The chapter in which OFWAT cover water charges generally can be accessed by clicking here.

Strategic Direction Statement

This document contains the company’s plans for the next 25 years.

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