Using water responsibly

May was an exceptionally dry month, being the second driest May on record after 1896, with 9% of the LTA rainfall across the Wessex region. Demand for water during that month was 20% higher than normal. A further prolonged dry spell in the summer months when rainfall is normally less than it is in the winter will undoubtedly put pressure on supplies if demand remains at similar levels.

We must remind you that The Bourne valley is a water distressed area and Choldderton has an absolute limit on the volume of water it is allowed to abstract. 

All business and domestic consumers are urged to make a conscious effort not to use water unnecessarily or wastefully. If everyone plays their part there should be no need to put in place a restriction on water use even if the reduction rainfall continues through the summer. By making a genuine effort now to use water responsibly you will, most likely, avoid considerable inconvenience at a later date.

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